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- About Me -

Nice to meet you! My name's Jonah and I'm an audio engineer/musician/web designer/technology enthusiest in the New York area. I am currently on Long Island as the resident Sound Designer and engineer for the Gateway Playhouse.

I graduated from Oberlin College and Conservatory in 2021, where I studied computer science, theater, and music technology, where I had the opportunity to both play with and mix/engineer for people who are both incredibly talented musicians and friends.

I've also taken interest in circuit bending, opening children's toys that make sounds to modifying them to create new electronic musical instruments. I'm a cat person at heart (I have two cats:


Socks, and Pepper <3) and I love the outdoors. In my free time, I love to go hiking/mountain biking, explore new parks I haven't seen, and of course going to watch live music and theater. 

I hope that we get to work together soon!

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